I had a thought as I was driving home from my friends house last night, and I just really wanted to share it with you guys! I had a thought at first that I would use it as a segment on an episode, but I changed my mind! I decided to surprise you nerds with the first ever, Madness at Large MINISODE! (that's a mini episode....)

Then I decided that minisodes are a GREAT idea! And I now intend to do them for ya'll on occasion! They will always be a surprise...they'll be completely sporratic...if something strikes me and I want to tell ya'll about it...SURPRISE! You get a minisode! You could get 5 in one week! Who knows! You may get none......I hope not! 


Anyway, please enjoy my "Epiphany Rant on the Drive Home". 

P.S. I did technically edit a smidge of my language out....lol I'll try not to do that too much!


I love you all. 

Thank you

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